Learn all about making       money   from apps

So i started using apps a few years ago.Ive made over $22,000 from using many differnt apps. I can make a pretty good amount of money every month with these apps. I use to not belive you could actully do something like this. Its been a great blessing to my family. Here are a few apps that i use. They are all legit! ive been paid from all of them. Some pay money to paypal and some pay gift cardsl.

This first app is a iphone only app. You get paid to test apps and amazon products. You will get a list of apps to test daily! You will pick your first app to test and it will ask you to search for the app by keyword. Its very easy to use. Ive been using this app for about 2 years now. I use this app the most. You  will also get a list of amazon products you can test!! 

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This next app I use pays you to submit and scan your grocery receipts. The receipts can be 2 weeks old. You can scan any grocey receipt. I have earned over $700 back from this app just from scanning my grocry receipts.